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Mokena Motor Heads

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Is your child interested in things that move under power like cars, trucks and all that surrounds them?  If so, we are starting a new club at MJHS called Mokena Motor Heads.  The purpose of this club is to learn about automobiles and how they work, talk about all of the different kinds of autos, their history, current trends/news, and learn about jobs in auto related fields. 

We will have an informational meeting on Monday, December 7th from 2:30 to 3:30 PM in the Library.  Meetings will normally be twice a month through the end of the school year. I have planned some field trips that may take place outside of our regular meeting time. I will hand out a tentative meeting schedule at that the informational meeting.  Unfortunately because of the number of activities after school, the regular meeting time may conflict with some of our other clubs. I will talk about conflicts at the informational meeting.  

Mokena Motor Heads will be learning:

·        How cars work

·        The history of cars

·        Buying and selling cars

·        Auto maintenance

·        Current trends in automobiles

I will be the sponsor for this club.  My own love of cars began when I was in junior high school and I want to share my auto passion with the students at MJHS.  I know that as a junior high aged student, I wanted to know a lot more about cars and auto related fields. It is my hope that this club will help those involved start a lifetime love of cars and, who knows, being in this club might lead someone to an auto-related career.

Some of our learning will be in the field.  We will be taking some field trips to local auto related locations like Gamboa’s Service Station, Lincoln Way Central’s Auto Shop, local auto sales dealerships, and if there is enough interest, we will take a field trip to the Chicago Auto Show. 

This club is open to any boy or girl in the junior high with an interest in automobiles.  There is no academic eligibility requirement but I will be monitoring grades. If a student is doing poorly in classes, I am going to recommend that he or she spend their time studying over coming to club events.  I will expect good behavior from club members, especially on field trips, but you don’t have to be perfect to be a Motor Head.

Since this is an official MJHS club, there is a $25 district fee that will cover our materials and transportation.  There may be some additional costs if we go to the auto show or if you purchase Motor Head spirit wear.