1:1 Program

The students at Mokena Junior High School are issued a Chromebook and charger for their daily use.  Once the student receives their Chromebook and the accessories, he/she accepts responsibility for its care and well-being.  Students are expected to have a fully charged Chromebook in their classes daily.  Although we still regularly use paper/pencil and other analog tools such as books and paper packets, Chromebooks are a vital part of our instructional plan.   

Students are taught how to use Chromebooks and the applications/software that we upload to their devices and expect them to use. Since Chromebooks are still school property, we strictly limit what students can install or use on their devices.  Teachers utilize several applications and software tools to help provide a full and rich experience for our students. 

We utilize the tools and applications that are part of the Google Suite of products. 

When a student enters MJHS, he/she is assigned an email/user name and unique password. This is how students log in to their devices and access their software and messages. We strongly encourage students to keep this login information secure and inform a staff member if he/she believes that their login information has been compromised. 

  • Google Classroom - Classroom is a virtual space where teachers post assignments, make announcements and provide links for the class.  Students can access the materials, communicate with their teachers, and submit assignments through Classroom. Each teacher will have a Classroom set up for their students.  

  • Gmail - Students have access to an internal email. This email can only send and receive messages from other mokena159.org addresses unless tech gives special access.

  • Google Drive - Students have their own cloud drive where they can save and access all of their work. 

  • Google Docs - This is Google's word processing software. (Similar to Microsoft Word)

  • Google Slides - This is Google's slide show presentation software. (Similar to Microsoft PowerPoint)

  • Google Forms - Forms is a tool teachers use to create surveys, assessments, and assignments. 

  • Google Sheets - Sheets is Google's spreadsheet software. (Similar to Microsoft Excel) 

 Each discipline and grade level may employ other software that will help our students learn.  In many classes, we purchase the license to the online version of the textbooks and curricular materials.  Each teacher will share the links and login information for any software that the students need to access. 

 In most cases, a student will use the same Chromebook all three years of junior high school.  Therefore it is important that the student take good care of their Chromebook.  We provide protective cases for our Chromebooks.  Still, we understand that accidents happen and there is normally an opportunity to purchase damage insurance.  If students experience a problem where their Chromebook is not working properly, families need to fill out a tech repair ticket. 

Incident IQ Tech Support Ticket Submission