About MJH

Mokena Junior High School

We would like to welcome you to Mokena Junior High School.  Home of the Mokena Meteors!

Mokena Junior High School services grades 6 through 8 and is the capstone school for Mokena School District 159. We have over fifty staff members who serve approximately five hundred fifty students. 

The school is divided into three grade level teams, an exploratory team and a PE team. Although we are all Meteors, each team has a team name that they use provide group identity. 

  • 6th Grade - Seekers - They are "seeking" knowledge, understanding, and skills

  • 7th Grade - Olympians - Striving to achieve at the highest levels. Building our minds to be bigger, faster, and stronger!

  • 8th Grade - Mud Turtles - Mokena means "mud turtle" in the languages of the native Americans who first lived in this area.  We honor them by adopting the mud turtle as our mascot.

  • Exploratory Team - The Imagineers - The exploratory classes of Technology and Design (Project Lead the Way), Art, Music, Communications, and Spanish are inspired by creativity and innovation. This is why they took their inspiration from the Disney title of Imagineers. 

  • Physical Education - The Gym Class Heroes - We believe that all of our students can be heroes in gym class because we focus on growth, effort, and wellness.

Our teachers are specially trained to work with young adolescent children. We realize that, for many students, the junior high years are some of the most challenging so our teachers have specifically designed curriculum that addresses their unique needs. We will meet and challenge each and every student in our classrooms to help them transition between elementary school and being fully prepared for high school. 

Please contact the school office at 708-342-4870 with any questions.