Safe Snack List

Below is our current snack list.  Please only send your child with a snack from the list below.  Any items sent in with identifiers such as “containing peanuts/tree nuts” or “may contain peanuts/tree nuts” or “made in a facility with peanut/tree nuts” will be returned home with your child.  Please note the snack list will be updated on a monthly basis.  The update can be found on the district website.

  • Applesauce

  • Cheese

  • Fresh Fruit

  • Fresh Vegetables

  • Made Good Granola bars- Apple Cinnamon, Chocolate Banana, Chocolate Chip, Cookies & Cream, Mixed Berry, Sweet and Salty

  • Made Good Crispy Squares

  • Wise Cheese Doodles-(Crunchy cheese, cheese mix, puff balls, Honey BBQ puffs)

  • Pirate’s Booty-Aged white cheddar, sour cream & onion, New York pizza

  • Wise Potato Chips-BBQ, plain, Salt & Vinegar

  • Lays Classic and Kettle Cooked chips

  • Welch’s fruit snacks

  • Mott’s fruit snacks

  • Skinny pop original

  • Rold Gold-thins, sticks, rods, and tiny twists

  • Teddy Grahams-Cinnamon, Honey, Chocolate, Chocolatey Chip, Mini

  • Cheese Nips

  • Goldfish

  • Tostitos original

Please keep in mind this list is current as of August 31, 2021, but manufacturers can change ingredients and/or they may change the facility where they make the product to one which has Peanuts.  We will verify our list every 3 weeks and notify you of any changes made to our list.  Thank you for your help in keeping all of our students safe!