What is a Meteor?

We believe that being a Mokena Meteor is something special. We expect our students and staff to display Meteor Character. Below are the components of Meteor Character that we strive to live by.

Integrity - A Meteor understands that he/she has the responsibility to do what is right no matter what.  We work hard to do what we say, and say what we mean. We understand that although it may not be popular, doing the right thing is part of our character. 

Academics - We believe that we are intelligent and capable of learning at the highest levels.  We understand that learning is sometimes challenging and difficult, but we also understand that through perseverance and hard work, we can excel!  We do our homework, we do our classwork, and we participate positively in our classes.  

Loyalty - Meteors are loyal to our school.  We take care of one another. We are proud of our school and we show it by participating in school events and activities. We take care of each other. We do not allow anyone to disrespect any other Meteor.  

Citizenship - Meteors are good members of the school and local community. We do our best to uphold the rules an laws of our school, village, state, and nation.  If we believe a rule or law is wrong and should be changed, we work to change it through proper channels.  

Self-Respect - Meteors take care of themselves. They follow the school's dress code and follow good hygiene regimens. Meteors are clean of body, mind, and heart.  They take care of themselves, their health, and their belongings. Meteors understand that young adolescents are growing and changing rapidly and that all of us are experiencing this change together. 

Humanity - We care for each other.  We are concerned for the well being of all of our fellow humans beings.  We treat one another with the utmost respect and care.  We help each other and we do not discriminate against any person or group.   

Sportsmanship - Meteors love to compete. We take the courts and fields with a healthy respect for the rules of the game. Even though we always work hard to win, it is more important for us to be good sports than it is for us to win every contest. Meteors respect our opposing teams, their fans, and the officials who are doing their best to regulate the game. 

School Spirit - We live by the understanding that one day Meteors may graduate and move on, but no matter what uniform, graduation gown, or suit we may wear, we still will always be Meteor Green underneath. We participate in spirit days and we promote being a Mokena Meteor!   

Environmental - We respect the environments we live in.  This could mean the school, Mokena, or the world outside. We believe in caring for the world in which we live. We do our best to keep our environment clean and maintained. We recycle whenever possible, and we work to preserve nature. 

Technology - Meteors understand that technology is a tool.  Like any tool, it can be used for good or can be used to cause harm. Meteors use technology to learn, communicate, research, and to help us be successful in our work. We avoid using our devices in ways that violate rules, or are disrespectful of others.